Thing 5: Presentation Tools with Buncee

Presentation tools have come a long way since PowerPoint! One of my current favorites is PowToons because it’s very user-friendly and you can end up with a really great product. I often search for new presentation tools because I want the look of a professional tutorial or lesson but without a high cost and long production time. So for this Cool Tools challenge, I chose to create a product with Buncee. What made me choose this tool over others? Well, first the background options! There are so many to choose from. I also loved the fonts, animations, stickers, and text options.

Buncee allows me to include youtube videos, multiple-choice questions, free-response questions, links, and URLs from the web. I loved all of these options and tried to include a variety of tools in my own presentation (see the link below). At first, I downloaded the Buncee app on my iPad, while I had the same design options, the navigation (mostly, deleting pages) was difficult, and I never did figure out how to delete a slide from the app. Navigating on a PC was much easier for me. It was also easier to curate images and videos because of the extra screen space.

If I had to use Buncee again, I would. However, it isn’t as seamless as other presentation tools I’ve used. I didn’t have any options to “animate” slides or create transitions. Through this lens, a tool like PowToons wins hands down. I was hoping Buncee Capturewould give me the same flexibility to animate my text, images, and page transitions. I didn’t try to add audio but there are options to record or upload an audio file.

Buncee also has a new tool called stitching. After looking at Buncee’s resources guide and playing around with it, I couldn’t quite determine the Capture2actual purpose. As a user, and a user that considers herself to be pretty advanced when it comes to presentation tools, this was frustrating.

My District currently leases the majority of our credit recovery, virtual AP, and initial credit courses. I as a teacher, can’t go in and edit the course…I can only add or supplement. While we’ve thoroughly vetted our courses, they still aren’t designed how we might teach in a face-to-face classroom. This is why presentation tools are so important! This allows me to supplement our leased courses with additional mini-lessons for students. With a little more practice and training, I’m hoping Buncee will help me to effectively do this.

Buncee Presentation: What is an Argument?


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