Thing 7: Audio Tools

So many of my students find speaking about a topic easier than writing about it. Before a project or a larger writing piece, I try to get my students to “talk it out.” I find that they understand the assignments better, include more evidence, and go into the assignment feeling confident. So I was excited to come across some audio tools that would help students demonstrate their understanding in new ways.

Since our courses are digital, we use a lot of the Google Apps Suite. I have searched for speech to text extensions in the past but did know I could get speech to text directly in a google doc using Voice Typing until today. I still need to test this with a student account but I am hopeful that our students in need of a tool like this will be able to use it. Google Docs Voice was very easy to use and picked up my speech quickly.

Google Voice

Google Voice Typing in Google Docs

I also experimented with FlipGrid and know this is a tool I want to use next year! In the VAR, students are placed in a course section by school. So technically, I could have anywhere from three to seventy students speaking on a discussion board that are in the same building but don’t ever work together on their course in person. FlipGrid would be great to allow students to hear and respond to their peers’ opinions.

It took me several tries to record my post before I could upload it, and even then, it wasn’t perfect. I would definitely have guidelines for students and a google doc for students to answer their question and/or jot down notes to use as a reference while recording.

FlipGrid Example


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